DC/AC Converter

2x 15kVA Static Inverter for Submarine, Model: 3397

DC/AC inverter are mainly designed for submarines. They replace the previous generation of rotating inverter. The noise emmission of a static inverter design is significant lower, finally the submarine is less identifiable during the mission. The Input of 160-330 VDC is converted to 115 V / 60 Hz, 3-phase. The operating temperature range of the inverter on the submarine is 0° up to +65° at full load. High reliability is a very important requirement in order to supply several submarine board electronic loads. The inverter is equipped with a test and monitoring system and a water cooling. Worldwide aftersales support for up to 20 Years is guaranteed by EUROATLAS.

The EUROATLAS inverter family (Model:3396, 3397, 3398) was designed, qualified and manufactured for the 209 Submarine Class. The static inverters convert the submarine battery voltage of 160Vdc…320Vdc into a high quality 120V/60Hz, 120V/400Hz and 230V/50Hz voltage. The equipment consists state of the art static power conversion equipment designed with the latest available technology. All components fulfil the requirements of naval standards. The components are housed in a stainless steel frame cabinet with steel walls designed according to the general requirements of naval ships.

The topology of all three inverter types is equivalent except the number of output phases is different for the 50Hz inverter (single phase). 60Hz and 400Hz are 3ph inverters.