Independent and with over 60 years of experience, EUROATLAS develops and produces power electronics and opto-electronic vision systems designed for decades of use from a single source and with worldwide support for military and demanding commercial applications. Thereby, customer satisfaction is the highest target. The highly efficient and reliable power conversion systems that power data processing, navigation, communications, control and surveillance are now found almost everywhere, in naval, aerospace and land-based applications. The opto-electric vision systems for day, night and thermal vision with a field of view of up to 360° are mainly used in mobile land applications.


At our Bremen location, we offer our customers the best solution for the respective requirements with the combined competence of our employees, in close coordination, where other providers give up. Our products and services include first equipment, retrofits, upgrades, maintenance, spare parts and training. Our strengths are both customised solutions and series products in quantities ranging from one piece to.






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Member of the BDSV

We are proud to be a member of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Sicherheits- und Verteidigungsindustrie e.V. (BDSV).

The BDSV is an association of companies in the Federal Republic of Germany that see themselves primarily as highly qualified suppliers and partners to the Bundeswehr and other armies serving national and alliance defense, as well as to authorities and organizations with security tasks for the maintenance and enforcement of law, freedom and security at home and abroad.