Vision Systems

Our know-how ranges from the smallest matchbox sized DC/DC- converters to containerized high power shore supplies for submarines.
Vision Systems

Euroatlas has extensive experience, and a track record of night vision equipment and power converter products that date back to 1962. Driver night-sight periscopes are used in various military vehicles worldwide and meet US-Army MIL- specifications. The AN/VSS-501 periscope is battle proof and ensures long endurance in military operations at night / darkness thanks to two independent power sources. With its robust design and wide operating temperature range, the system is used worldwide by army forces operating in arctic climates and desert conditions. The AN/VVS-501 products provide excellent and clear vision (exceeding military specifications). The night driving viewer is passive and allows the vehicle to manoeuvre at night or in low light conditions on all kinds of terrain. The performance, robustness, and reliability are outstanding. The -501 periscope uses the latest & highest grade 25mm tubes with a magnifier assembly. Different vehicle adapters are available to fit
almost all army vehicles.

The new Advanced Digital Vision System for Degraded Visual Environments (DVE), known as the Wolf Eye Vision System, is modular and can be integrated within various versions of Main Battle Tank(s), Armoured Personnel Carrier (s) (APC) and other special purpose vehicles. A number of different advanced cameras, configurations and packages are possible. Various embedded processing units can be connected to operate in a cluster as a full 360° system.

The digital vision system includes a 120° camera housing, image acquisition, and processing software that supports 4x cameras. The system has 2x identical camera pairs and lenses. Additional cameras with camera link interfaces can be easily integrated without changing the software. The 120° rear view camera system is based on the same embedded processing unit, and uses the same image processing software, as the day & night sight driver periscope system.

All components are selected to fulfil the requirements of MIL-STD 810, and MIL-STD 1275. The electronics and sensors are housed in a modular body, which is protection class IP68K.

The images from the LWIR cameras are stitched in the software, which results in an image covering a 120° horizontal field of view and a high total resolution of 1.280x960 pixels for the LWIR image, and 3.840x2.160 pixels for the CMOS image. The use of 2x camera pairs with 60° HFOV optical lens results in a higher DRI range than with a single camera having a wide HFOV lens. A single camera and an optical lens with a wide HFOV has the disadvantages of optical distortion and the fisheye effect. The new EUROATLAS 120° camera system overcomes this by stitching two camera images to provide the highest DRI range in its class.

Day/Night Driver and Commander Periscope
Key Features

Fast push-pull installation
Robust, modular and compact design
Detachable and adjustable monitor
Latest camera sensor technology (IR and I²)
IP68K, rugged Al transport box
Easy maintenance & low maintenance cost
Digital image processing with low latency
Wide operating temperature range -40 to +71°C
Military embedded computer (soldered RAM, SLC memory)
Ethernet Interface (NGVA ready)

120° Wide FOV dual channel housing, LWIR & VIS
Key Features

IP68K with CBNR protection
Operating temp: -40 to +85°C
Extremely low latency image fusion of LWIR & CMOS sensor
Image stitching algorithm for wide HFOV
Various Sensor configurations available
Optional rotatable and tilt unit
Optional multi track SW
Optional ballistic protection acc.:
- STANAG 4569 Lev. II
- N.I.J 0108.01 Lev. III

Embedded Processing Unit (EPU)
Key Features

Operating temp: -40 to +71°C
4x Output interfaces (monitor)
USB 3.0 recording function with H265 compression
Up to 8x Outputs for external control
Fast & robust SLC SSD memory
Linux operating system
Low latency image processing
Passive cooling

9" Monitor with key panel & joystick
Key Features

Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 Version
Dimensions: 7" / 8.4" / 9"
Operating: -40 to +71°C
Housing: IP65
Illuminated keys, dimmable
Detachable and adjustable

Driver Night Sight Periscope, Model: AN/VVS-501
Key Features

Robust Design
Excellent night vision image
Bicular eyepiece with 100mm outer diameter
Redundant power supply
Custom adaptation for various vehicle platforms
Latest technology of image intensifier tube
IP68, low weight, rugged Al transport box
Cost efficent solution
Easy maintenance & low maintenance cost

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