AC/DC Converter


Power conversion products, such as AC to DC converters, frequency converters, and DC to AC inverters are major components in almost every aircraft today. All the power supplies currently in production have passed flight certification and through the years have achieved a solid reputation for high quality. The airborne product line includes a series of transformer rectifier units – TRUs – ranging from 20 to 300 A for the MRCA “Tornado”, the Swedish fighter JAS 39 “Gripen”, the “Tiger” helicopter, Indian AEW&C and others.

The purpose is the conversion of the aircraft prime power source of 115 V/200 V, 3 phases, 400 Hz to 28 VDC power. The TRUs have been developed for extreme environmental conditions, minimum space and weight requirements and maximum reliability. We can offer a wide range of solutions for military and commercial aircraft.


  • Extreme Temperature range -40° up to +85°
  • High efficiency >96%
  • Overload capability
  • Low weight
  • High reliability
  • Short-circuite protection
  • Conduction cooling / forced air / liquide cooling
  • MIL-STD 1553 Bus
  • Failure Memory
  • RTCA-DO254 & RTCA DO-178
  • MIL-STD 704, 801 and others



Static naval power conversion equipment transforms, converts and conditions different electrical power sources to meet the power requirements of the vessel for many sophisticated and demanding loads, such as command and control systems, radar, sonar, weapons and motors. Our products consists of state-of-the-art static power conversion equipment of the latest available technology.

Static converters for naval applications comply with MIL-STD-1399 whilst meeting the size and weight restrictions imposed by narrow shipboard passageways and hatches.

The converters feature modular construction and parallel operation of more units with accurate load sharing. Electronics are housed in stainless steel frame cabinets and shock mounts according to the requirements of naval ships.