Special Products

Constant developments in static power conversion equipment solutions, combined with the diversification of all three military areas, have contributed to EUROATLAS’s leading position as a designer and supplier of unique power systems. Various advanced products have been developed and qualified for the world’s most progressive military platforms. One of our latest special development programs has been the power distribution switchboards for the
A26 submarine. These contain complete DC and AC distribution, including circuit breakers, contactors, motor protection, and automation components.

The switchboards are divided into AFT and FORE cabinet sections. Each individual cabinet section is divided into an Emergency Power Switchboard (EPS) and a Power Distribution Switchboard (PDS), with the latter being used for non-essential loads. Consumers served by the PDS cabinet can be switched off commonly by an emergency switch integrated on the front panel of the EPS cabinet.

The cabinets are designed to protection level IP 54 and are water cooled. In the case of the cooling water being out of order, front flaps can be opened to maintain the cooling of the cabinet. The equipment consists of state-of-the-art AC and DC power components and is based on the latest available technology. All components are housed in a stainless steel cabinet designed according to the general requirements of naval ships.

Power Distribution Switchboards of the A26 Submarine

  • Circuit breakers for each outgoing power line
  • Contactors for each loads to be switched manually or automatically by the SCMS system
  • Overload protection for rotating machines, such as motors or fans
  • Forward/reverse control for a limited number of motors/fans
  • Contactors for discuoonecting non essential loads
  • Contactors for connecting back-up batteries to the 24VDC system

Shore Power Supply

  • Modular system
  • Customised configurations
  • Programmable output
  • Local control, control via Remote Control Box or LAN
  • High efficiency
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Monitoring system integrated
  • Built-in test
  • 15 years support

Cockpit Light Control Unit, Model 5041

  • Low weight of only 1,200g
  • RTCA DO-178C / DO-254 / DO-160
  • Shock / Vibration / Gunfire / Bump
  • EMI acc. MIL-STD 461F
  • DAL C
  • Operation from -40°C to +70°C
  • Conduction cooled
  • IP54 aluminium housing
  • Programmable ouputs
  • Scalable in no. of output channels 8/16/24/32

Model: 9023, Power Distribution Box of the AIRBUS TIGER Helicopeter

  • Low weight
  • Remote monitoring
  • Wide operating temperature range (arctic to desert climates)
  • High reliability
  • Full qualified